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Music how you like it with Pandora.com Internet Radio October 28, 2007

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pandora1.jpgpandora2.jpgQuite by chance I found pandora.com, a site offering to create a personal radio station for me. I am always a little skeptical about freebies but this had a very strong appeal and I gave it a go. Well, I am now completely sold on this site and have hardly touched my “old hat” internet radio sat in the corner. I will tell you a little about the site pandora.com and why I think it is a winner.

The site is incredibly easy to use, is flash based and loads quickly and cleanly. The music is streamed at 128 kbps so you will definitely need a fast broadband connection to enjoy the site properly. You are greeted with a very simple interface that even I found simple to use. One click on the “Create a new station” button presents you with a text input box asking for a choice of either song or artist. Once your choice is entered the site then creates a radio station for you. It will match similar types of song or artist to your choice and play them accordingly. I found it to be remarkably accurate to my musical tastes and rarely turn it off – in fact it is playing right now.


The songs and artists are chosen using details from the Music Genome Project and it works very well as a free internet radio format. After a short while you are asked to register (free) to continue listening to your music choices. I was disappointed to see that this feature is currently only available to US residents but managed to circumvent this problem by Googling a US Zip code and entering it on the registration form. The site now works perfectly with no cnnection or streaming problems at all.

As each song plays you are shown a thumbnail of the album that the song came from along with options to give the song a thumbs up or down, bookmark the song and also purchase the song/album from Amazon or itunes. There are various other options available to users. These include the facility to share a song or station with a friend, find shared stations and use pandora with Skype. I have not explored the Skype option as yet.

To finish, I have to say I am very impressed with pandora.com and will continue to use the site as long as it is available. If you like a few tunes while you work, you could do a lot worse than visiting pandora.com


I found this great Cat site and wanted to share it May 18, 2007

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After some casual time wasting on Google, I came across this great site about cats. The site is maintained by Sarah Hartwell and I have to say , she knows her stuff. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the content on her site and learned some new cat facts.

The site is very simply and clearly laid out with no fancy images or adverts (Maybe Sarah should consider some Google adsense adverts to reward her for her efforts). There are many categories covering the many aspects involved with caring for your cat. There are explanations and photographs giving details of many cat related items I did not even know existed. All in all, if you are a cat lover the site made a most enjoyable change and congratulations to Sarah for having the dedication to compile and maintain the site.

You can find the site here http://www.messybeast.com/catarchive.htm

pagequest.co.uk – Article Directory February 27, 2007

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A bit of blatant advertising today. Apologies but it may well prove useful to you. I have an article directory that allows you to promote your website or business simply by submitting atrticles you have written.

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It seems too simple to be effective but it definitely works!

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Top Quality Football Club Wall Clocks November 29, 2006

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Just released onto ebay UK are these top quality wall clocks. There are various designs and teams available with frames available in different colours.

Anfield Arsenal Football Club Chelsea Football Club LFC Kings Of Europe

Football is more popular than ever today thanks to big premiership games and stars. Why not take a look at the new range of clocks available on ebay UK.

Teams available include Liverpool FC, Manchester United, Chelsea fc, Newcastle, Everton FC and many more. The range will continue to expand as time goes on. All clocks are framed and wall hangable. 1 AA battery is all the clock movement requires to keep time.

See the clocks here

Clocks featuring celebrities are also available. These clocks will make a great Christmas present for a football mad son, dad or husband.

Update on Be There 24mb Broadband July 15, 2006

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Be There LogoI have been a customer of Be there for about two weeks now. The connection has not dropped out on me yet, not while surfing or downloading. For reasons unknown the connected speed indicated by the router has dropped from 16.5 mb to 14 mb. This fact does not make a customer very happy, losing 2 mb after just a fortnight. The service seems to be ok in general but page loading times sometimes leave something to be desired.

Download speeds are still impressive and you are not waiting around for your files. The service from Be there costs £24 a month with £4 extra if you want a static ip address. This is still considerably cheaper than previous Pipex costs which were £33.99 a month for 2 mb.

Don’t forget they offer a referral scheme giving you the opportunity to claim a free month for every referral that concludes in a sign-up. The person joining also receives afree month which effectively covers the connection fee. Up to now I have had one free month and another one is imminent so things are looking ok.

I am still a satisfied customer at the moment and will post regular updates as to service standards.