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Instant Adsense Templates are in transit October 19, 2006

Posted by Ray in Google Adsense.
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Just received the magical email

“your order has been shipped”

The Instant Adsense Templates package should be here on Friday morning, delivered by the nice man from Fedex.

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It may be sad but I am quite excited at the thought of setting up new sites and maybe actually earning some money with adsense. Does anyone know exactly how many copies of the instant adsense templates were sold?

One of the reasons I purchased this package is because they only sell a limited amount of copies. I would like to know how many though. If you know please post it on here.


I bought Instant Adsense Templates October 19, 2006

Posted by Ray in Google Adsense.

Google adsense logoI have been trying to make some money using Google Adsense for a few months now. I have not had much success to be honest with my balance standing at just over $40.

As you can see, I am not retiring anytime soon with this sort of result. I have been following the writings of a Mr Joel Comm, an American guy who claims to make over $20k a month from Adsense revenues. He has released products such as The Adsense Code, Adsense Secrets and a product named Instant Adsense Templates.

I have not read the books but have read reviews of them which always seem to be favourable. In a moment of weakness, I was drawn in to the hype of his latest release of Instant Adsense Templates. The product is a collection of optimized templates for html websites, blogs, php websites and more. They all contain optimal adsense placements and allow for inclusion of other money makers such as Clickbank

I ordered on 10th October and as yet have not received anything in the mail. The product actually comes on 2 cds because it is too large for download. I am not prone to spending money on this sort of item and it was a big step to purchase it. I only hope it will help to create a steady source of revenue and at least return the money I have invested in it.

Click here to Instantly Increase Sales to ANY Website

Joel Comm seems to be honest and decent enough to mean what he says. It remains to be seen if my money was well spent and I will update as soon as I have more information.

Latest Adsense earnings update & other ideas September 15, 2006

Posted by Ray in Google Adsense.
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Well, I have not paid enough attention to Google adsense for a while now and as expected the earnings have not moved really. At last update I think I was under $10. It is now a fantastic $24 and a bit! (you can tell sarcasm when you see it)

I have been reading the free ebooks and newsletters and have learned some interesting facts regarding adsense placement and website content, especially regarding other ways to earn money from the internet. I am thinking of having a bash at the all important list building that seems to be the dominant factor in making money on the internet. All the emails and ebooks I have read in the last few weeks all stress the importance of building a list of opt-in names and email addresses. Once you have this list compiled you can then email all your promotions and website updates etc to your list.

You are not guilty of spamming because they all opted-in to your list and hopefully you will convert some of these emails into sales. You can promote affiliate links or even better create your own product or ebook. Creating your own product is probably the best way to go as you keep the profits for yourself. You also have the option to let people sell it for you through affiliation. More money for you for less work! My kind of work!

The main factor against me and probably most of you is time. Actually having enough time to put your ideas down and convert them into a sellable product can take days and weeks if you want to produce anything of quality . Keep focus and persevere and who knows we may all be a success.

Make sure you do not neglect your everyday home life for the sake of adsense or creating your product. I have been guilty of spending too many hours locked in the backroom trying to come up with a masterplan. Turn the pc off and go and talk to to your wife, kids or girlfriend. Go to the pub for a drink or just go for a walk. Just don’t cabbage your brain sitting in front of your pc for a lifetime. A bonus from getting this fresh air and exercise.

You might have a eureka moment while out walking. Just keep quiet about it if you do, at least until you get home!

Update on Google Adsense Earnings (ha!) August 13, 2006

Posted by Ray in Google Adsense.

Google adsense logo

Just to let you know I did not get banned from Adsense for the accidental clicking of my own adverts as I stated in an earlier post. I received a reply from Google stating the terms and conditions of Adsense but they understood it was a mistake and asked me to take more care when working on my sites. It was a relief to hear.
I don’t think the amount I have made with adsense qualifies as earnings really.

The new updated amount is $6.40, shameful. I am still trying to discover the secret that will increase my Google adsense clicks and buy me a new car (fat chance). I have read more ebooks on the subject but have discovered nothing amazing in any of them.

Traffic seems to be the major factor in getting results with adsense and actually making some cash. If you have a site established with good regular traffic, you are 90% on your way to making money with adsense, surely?

If you don’t have adsense on your site, you are missing an an opportunity and need to be spanked by a buxom lady (Male equivalent for the ladies of course!) wearing black leather using a wooden paddle with “why no Adsense” embossed on it. Why would you not exploit a potential income from having google adsense adverts on your site?

One very useful tool I have only recently discovered is the world of blogs or “blogging”. Not only do you get the opportunity to write about anything you like but you can use the blogs to drive traffic to your sites. Obviously you will be aware of blogging as you are reading this post but I did not realise how quickly my posts would show up in the search engines. This blog is hosted by WordPress and all search engine submissions must be carried out automatically for it to show in Google results so quick.

You can also include links to your other sites and also insert RSS feeds for your other sites as well. RSS or really simple syndication will insert a teaser of recent posts contained in another site or blog. This can help to push traffic through to your adsense sites, hopefully.

Naturally, subject is a key factor to getting more traffic. A friend of mine recently started a blog and a site about Manchester United Football club and is getting good traffic flow from day one. I am researching subjects at the moment and hope to find a killer niche soon!. You will know about it if I succeed.

That’s it for now and thanks for reading.

Google Adsense cockup – Damn it! August 9, 2006

Posted by Ray in Google Adsense.
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Google adsense logoI have clicked on one of my own google adsense adverts by mistake! I can’t believe I did it. A window closed as I was about to click on it and guess what was directly underneath? Yep! One of my Google adsense adverts just waiting to freak me out after I clicked it.

Damn, damn, bugar and shite! Talk about mad with myself. Some may say it doesn’t matter but I enjoy messing about with sites and adsense ads and I want to continue.
I have emailed google adsense with a full explanation and my ip address, time, advert etc. It remains to be seen if I will be able to carry on as I know they are very strict regarding clicks on your own ads. I will be disappointed if they kick me out as it was a pure accident.

Wish me luck! I need a drink.