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Cryptic Message From The Milkman July 4, 2008

Posted by Ray in General.
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Under todays milk delivery I found a note from the milkman. I have read it several times but have decided it must be cryptic like a crossword. See if you understand it.

Dear customer,

In order to maintain the efficiency and allow the business to increase, it will become necessary for certain delivery days for milk to be dropped.

In the next few weeks, Wednesday’s milk will be delivered on Tuesdays. This will involve extra milk being delivered on Tuesdays.

Also, to allow me to visit my son in Cornwall, every 4th Saturday will be delivered on Friday, on these occasions Wednesday’s milk will be as normal. Newspaper customers will still receive papers as normal.

There will be a trial of this next week, with no milk deliveries on Tuesday next week, and extra milk will be delivered on Monday.

Thank you again for your custom

What do you make of it?