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Have You Got The Time To Cook Real Food? August 25, 2007

Posted by Ray in Food.

Like most people, I enjoy my food. Probably more than I should but that’s another story. I was talking to a friend recently and the conversation turned to food. He was describing a home made meal containing all fresh ingredients bought from the local Tesco supermarket.

Now fresh home cooked food is fabulous but how many people have got the time or the inclination to prepare fresh ingredients after a crappy day at the office. Most of us get home and hit the freezer for a microwave meal. The more decadent of you will be in the takeaway on the way home or even better, the pub! But honestly, do you have the time or motivation after being at work all day to start washing, peeling and chopping vegetable? No, neither do I.

So how are we going to get our five a day and a balanced diet providing all the goodness and nutrition we need to function at our best? I don’t think we are going to achieve it are we. How many obese adults and children do you see eating snacks and chips waddling down the high street in every town.Yes, too many. With just a little thought and effort things could be very different. Parents tend to let kids eat whatever they like to keep them quiet but is this the way to go. Lots of overweight quiet children, sat developing RSI in the bedroom in front of the computer or xbox.

If you want to look after the health and width of yourself and your children why not go the extra mile and make some good simple food with fresh meat and vegetables. Nothing too fancy, just simple soups, stews and the like. They don’t take too long to prepare and provide far better nutritional value than frozen meals or takeaways. Even a simple meal like baked beans on toast is better than snacks and TV dinners.

Think about the health of your children and try to implement a few small changes to ensure they get the nutrition and the health they deserve.


Hands up who loves Chocolate but detests exercise September 8, 2006

Posted by Ray in Food, Health & Fitness.

I have to admit it! I just cannot resist chocolate. I can restrain myself, but only for so long and then my resolution literally flakes, cadburys to be exact. I can almost smell the chocolate before I even buy it!chocolate

And I’m not fussy! Milk or dark chocolate will do, I love both. Dairy milk, bournville, galaxy, they’re all great! Expanding the variety is all too easy with favourites such as twix, mars bars, turkish delight and many more. Are you with me so far? Who fancies a choccy bar right now? I do but tea’s nearly ready and don’t want to ruin my appetite.

Now, how many of you partake in regular exercise, either at your local gym or just simply a brisk walk for the constitution. I personally manage to evade the collecting of calories quite effectively by going to the gym 3 or 4 times a week. I train for approximately 1 hour and then I’m off.

In that hour you can achieve a great deal if you train properly instead of standing chatting to a complete stranger about the weather. Get in, train hard enough to at least be sweating and then go home! See, painless. Getting this balance right will achieve two things. You will become fitter (Quicker than you think) and, if you are putting the effort in, your bodyfat may even start to reduce a little. Now please do not misunderstand this statement. If you eat 5 mars bars a night and exercise for 1 hour, even intense exercise, you will not lose any bodyfat. Common sense should tell you this simple fact.

If you have one mars bar and exercise for 1 hour, then , providing your diet is not McDonalds and pizzahut for the rest of the day, you can very likely begin to reduce your body fat. You do not need to go on ridiculous, dangerous, crash diets where you are only allowed to lick the pan the kids beans were cooked in or eat raw cabbage for a week. I once tried the Atkins diet to lose weight. I lasted about a week before collapsing in a heap on the floor, I had literally run out of steam and my body was letting me know!

I was also training 6 days a week which did not really help things. So I went back to the carbohydrates and soon felt much better again, in fact almost normal. Since then I eat anything I like, but in moderation. I also like to slurp down the odd cider here and there and do so without guilt (now who am I kidding).

Anyway, eat your chocolate and drink your beer and enjoy life! But remember that just one hours effort, 3 times a week (4 would be better!) will help you to possibly reduce bodyfat levels. Failing that, it will help to stop you gaining more weight and allow you to lead a normal life with regard to your food.

A little bit of what you fancy and all that!