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Internet Provider Mysteriously Changed Overnight From BT Infinity To Talktalk March 6, 2012

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Am I A Victim Of Slamming Or Is It Just A Technical Error

I use the Internet a lot so invested in the fibre optic wonder of Infinity from BT. BT Infinity logoAfter an unsteady start (due to a line fault) the BT Infinity speeds have been a constant 37mb download and 8mb upload. It is definitely a pleasure to use the Internet with speeds like this and has come a long way since my dial-up days. This morning was no different to any other until I tried using the Internet. It was a slow and horrible experience and I had a feeling something was wrong. I couldn’t watch any YouTube or iplayer content due to constant buffering.

First stop was speedtest.net to see what my connection was achieving. Instead of the warm feeling I get from the 37mb speed test results, I got a damp, let down feeling after seeing the result. A miserable 2mb download speed. I restarted the router and tried again, same result. After the third test I realised what was going on. In the bottom left hand corner of the speed test results is your ISP and your IP address. Instead of British Telecommunications it said Talktalk and the IP address (after googling) was indeed a Talktalk IP address. How this transition came about I had no idea but I was going to find out.

I posted in the BT Community Care Forum but initially received little response to the issue. I also posted my tale of woe on my Facebook timeline and after a few sarcastic comments I was sent this link to information about something called slamming by a friend. It is hard to believe that your ISP can be changed without any prior agreement by you. Basically the guilty party will claim that you agreed over the phone to change your Internet provider. In my case I have not spoken to anyone and definitely do not wish to lose my lovely fibre optic BT Infinity connection.

Later in the day I was contacted by a moderator in the BT Infinity forum who asked for more details via PM and he has promised to investigate this issue for me. He also suspects it may be a result of slamming. I find this situation ridiculous and it makes me wonder what other services I use could be taken from me without consent. It seems rather too easy for someone to do.If it turns out to be slamming, why was I not contacted by BT or Talktalk regarding MAC numbers or payment details, etc. Only time will tell but I look forward to getting my Infinity restored.


Sputtr.com – A Better Way To Search The Net? May 29, 2007

Posted by Ray in Computers & Internet.
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I came across this site today.


Sputtr offers one search box at the top of the page and a choice of many different search engines and social bookmarking sites. The search choices are presented as small icons below the search box.

The choices include all the Google searches, flickr, technorati, furl, snap, Yahoo, Live search, ask, del.ici.ous, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Furl, Blinklist, Youtube, Daily Motion, ifilm, Metacafe, deviantART, Myspace, last.fm, cnet, newsvine, slashdot, twitter, amazon, ebay, wikipedia, dictionary.com, answers, and imdb.com

Simply type in your search terms and press the corresponding icon to search the site of your choice. It’s a very simple but great idea, bringing many search choices together on one page. There are currently around 36 search choices but there is also an icon to suggest additional searchers.

I found this agreat resource and have made it my first call for web searching.

Wi-Fi health Scare – Childrens health at risk? May 23, 2007

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wifiWatch the Panorama show on the BBC Website

Did you watch Panorama on the Beeb. The latest show was all about the alleged dangers of wifi technology to our health, especially children. I for one was quite surprised at the results.

Apparently the radiation emitted from a wifi router is three times that of a mobile phone mast, at it’s strongest emission point. The largest concern was regarding possible health implications to your children. Almost all UK schools are rolling out wireless network access for use during lessons. Is it possible that they are literally being irradiated as they study?

Sir William Stewart, Chairman of the Health Protection Agency was responsible for advising the government about mobile phone masts. He advised that the signal from a mobile phone mast should not fall within the school grounds. Yet schools are now placing wifi routers within classrooms. These routers emit a far stronger signal than the mobile phone masts.

The show includes scientists quoting test results proving biological effects and also shows a group of people known as electro sensitives, they become ill due to exposure.

Maybe the panorama program is scaremongering and may well cause an unecessary slump in the sales of wireless internet routers but you know how much the media like to cause a panic, it’s good for ratings. The show is currently available to view on the BBC site by clicking the link at the top of this post.

eBay.co.uk: ASUS S6F – EXCLUSIVE RED LEATHER LAPTOP – Proceeds to Comic Relief March 31, 2007

Posted by Ray in Computers & Internet.
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You have a chance to own the only red leather Asus laptop in the world (according to the listing). The proceeds are going to Comic relief.

If you can afford to throw money at this auction and help charity in the process please do so.

Auction link is listed below:

eBay.co.uk: ASUS S6F EXCLUSIVE RED LEATHER LAPTOP item 230111666139 end time 10-Apr-07 15:00:00 BSTAsus Red Laptop for comic relief

Windows Vista Speech Recognition Demo Mistake February 25, 2007

Posted by Ray in Computers & Internet.
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Many of us have seen the Windows Vista fluffed demo of speech recognition on youtube. Errors in a live demonstration can be excused but to have errors in a demo on your website? It shouldn’t happen, especially with a corporation such as Microsoft. Being interested in the possibility of using speech recognition for blogging, I visited the speech recognition demo

Approximately 1:34 into the demo I think I spotted another mistake. Watch the demo and comment if you agree. It did not play well with Firefox so use Internet explorer to view the demo.