About Ray

When I started this blog I was 38 and confused as to where I was supposed to be at this stage of my life. Have I achieved anything worthwhile?  In my mind I am still in my youth and always will be. Well, I am now approaching the big 40 (March 08) and not much has changed really. My business is getting established now and I have a few regular customers who keep coming back, great! I must be doing something right.

It remains to be seen if life really does begin at 40 or it just shuffles along like before. I am not going to hold my breath and wait for the excitement to begin.

My body is beginning to show some signs of age but nothing major, a wrinkle here and there, adds character don’t you think? I enjoy indulging in the irresistible, but hate the guilt it creates (I really struggle with being too self conscious about my appearance).

I feel happy if I can make someone laugh, it’s a fair exchange don’t you think? There is no plan to this blog, just scattered mutterings. I hope you find something that catches your eye because that means it has been worthwhile.

UPDATE: April 22 2018

First look at this blog for 10 years judging by the content of this about me page! Nothing too drastic has changed in that time apart from I am now 50 years old! People say age is just a number and I agree to a certain extent.

My body is definitely starting to show the wear and tear of its years, with a few well defined wrinkles now prominently featured on my face. I feel okay for my age and look forward to many more years grumbling, beer drinking and generally being a nuisance to my wife.


2 thoughts on “About Ray

  1. I’m going to start a podcast about Downshifting. Perhaps you could join me for a topic of your interest. Let me know…I’m trying to learn how to use Skype for interviews. Or perhaps you could record a segment using Audacity.

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