M1T Bodybuilding Supplement And Steroids

Many people who indulge in bodybuilding use supplements many of which do not work as claimed. I personally have spent my cash on supplements that failed to deliver any true results. One bodybuilding supplement that does work is a product called M1T or methyl 1 testosterone. Now before the haters and do gooders start ranting about steroids and the rest of it just take a breath and listen.

Many dedicated bodybuilders will use whatever is necessary to achieve better results when it comes to gaining muscle. This may at some point involve the use of performance enhancing drugs including, yes, steroids. The product I am discussing here is a pro hormone and was re-classified in the US as a steroid when the steroid ban came into effect. The product was sold in a capsule form and produced very good, significant results. There were, as with most drugs, possible side effects.

I appreciate that some may find the use of drugs as cheating and fake. I also understand that many people think of steroid users as crazy whacked out violent thugs who beat their wife and kids at the first opportunity. This just isn’t true. A man who is capable of beating his wife and kids will do it anyway because it is in his nature. Using drugs may make him more aggressive but they will not suddenly introduce the rage we are often told about by the media. They will certainly not suddenly make him a wife beater.

The cases of violence and death that are reported in the media are usually the result of a complete novice or idiot who has far exceeded the dosage needed to achieve good results. This is the result of stupidity and ignorance by someone who has not spent any time researching what they are about to undertake. They blindly swallow tablets and inject unknown oils and liquids into their bodies to get big quick. Some do not even bother to train at the gym. These people are ignorant and unfortunately this results in all bodybuilders being tarred with the same brush. Quite unfair.

A dedicated bodybuilder will follow a strict routine in almost everything they do. Diet is planned out and calories are controlled carefully. The balance of protein, carbohydrates and fats is closely monitored to provide the best nutrition for the body to grow. Training will be planned precisely and carefully to ensure all muscle groups are worked at least once a week. Bodybuilding takes effort, a lot of effort and hard work to get results. A dedicated bodybuilder will have trained for several years before even considering taking any performance enhancing drugs as it is a decision that has to be thought out. A bodybuilder will exert more control over their daily life and routine than most people are capable of.

As I said previously there will always be people who join a gym and start to use steroids straight away, take too much, mess up their bodies and minds. Unfortunately, there will also be unscrupulous people who will sell the drugs to them. This is just a fact of life. Please do not throw all bodybuilders into one basket as this simply is not a fair assumption. Before using steroids, a bodybuilder with any intelligence will have spent weeks, even months researching what they are going to do. What to use, how to use it, how much to use and when. They will have joined forums and member sites, asked other bodybuilders for advice about drug use and if they should consider it.

There are some excellent sites out there with people who know what they are talking about offering advice that helps people to make the right choices about drugs. Many bodybuilders will decide to not take them in the end.

Sorry for the rant but I find it annoying that people are led by the media to believe bodybuilders are all evil drug taking, rage filled monsters. It simply is not true.

My next post will be about the magazines sold on the subject of bodybuilding. How they are all designed to part young impressionable vain guys from every penny possible.


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3 thoughts on “M1T Bodybuilding Supplement And Steroids

  1. i totaly agree with everything youv,e said and said very intelligently,there are too many people out there who get on the band wagon about steroid-prohormone use, who dont know or understand the first thing about them, they think you take steroid your going too end up with liver-kidney cancer etc, at least with the sides from ps/ph you can control them with herbals etc, you get worse sides from prescriptionn drugs,and hopefully people who are thinking of using ps/ph should do a good amount of research,. it doesnt cost anything .anyway sorry for rambling on its a good read thanks ,

  2. Check yourself bro; M1T has been related to liver toxicity and artery hardening, it’s illegal in the USA and Canada and has been for almost four years.

    1. check yourself bro, the reason its banned in the usa is because the american government said it was to do with the alleged health threat of performance enhancing drugs ,even thow the dea, all the top scientists said it didn’t warrent a ban they went ahead with it anyway . scientists have said theres no actual evidence of what the long term use or recreatioal use of steroids are ,name one deayth directly linked to steroids,none,now tell me how many people die each year of smoking,drinking,prescription drug overdoses, etc etc i could go on and on. and as for m1t being being liver toxic your only supposed to do 2 week cycles and use plenty of liver protection

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