Cool Pumpkin Carvings – Halloween Costumes

Well halloween is nearly on us again! In the US halloween is a massive occasion and almost everyone takes part in the fun. I would say the biggest activity is probably choosing the right halloween costume with everyone trying to have the best costume for Halloween night.

In the UK halloween was never a big deal but in recent years Halloween night has become a major excuse for a night of dressing up, eating, drinking and just enjoying yourself. The kids seem to go wild for Halloween costumes and they are now readily available in the shops, even Tesco sell a range of Halloween costumes!

If you are a little unsure about how to create cool pumpkin carvings, take a look at this youtube video to show you how.

Also if you are in the USA and are a goth looking for a good outfit why not take a look at this gothic tattoos clothing site for some ideas. There should still be time to buy a costume for halloween and get it delivered. Anyway, time to go and do some work but you guys make sure you have a great halloween night and be safe.

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