Why I Hate the Wheels and Tyres on my BMW 535i Sport

Actually it’s only the one wheel. For reasons unknown to me, the front offside tyre on my BMW keeps deflating. It takes it a few days to go down but if you keep checking the tyre pressure and adding air it will stay inflated. On several occasions, when I am about to go out for a trip, I discover the damn thing is completely flat!

The wheel has been to the local tyre repair company (ATS) twice so far and they can find nothing wrong with the tyre or the valve. I thought maybe neighbourhood kids were responsible but let’s be honest, if it was kids, they would all be flat or worse. The wheels are genuine BMW alloys and should not give me this problem. I was told that alloy wheels can create problems due to the tyre not sealing around the rim of the wheel but do not know for sure.

 So I am asking for help. Maybe someone out there in the blogosphere has experienced a similar problem and can offer a solution. Not only is it frustrating to repeatedly have a flat tyre but it is also dangerous as it has blown off the rim while driving a couple of times, luckily at slow speeds.

If you can offer an explanation or solution for this tyre problem I would be very happy to hear it!


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