Fathers Day – A time to remember

I didn’t get my dad a card for fathers day. I didn’t think it was important. How I wish I could get him a card now, but it is too late. He’s not here any more. Regrets? Yes, yes and yes.

My dad died on July 17th 1999 from cancer, he was just 50. It took less than 4 months to reduce a strong willed, fantastically talented and skilled man with a great sense of humour to a shell. Not only did it destroy him, it destroyed part of me as well. I have never really looked at the world the same way since his awful ordeal at the hands of cancer.

This was the man who could turn his hand to anything he chose. An engineer by trade, he could make you literally anything you asked for, usually in a very short time. He was funny, smart and I realise now, very well respected and admired by all who knew him. Through my teens and early twenties I never spent any time with him. He was always making something for someone and occasionally needed a little help, I always refused as I was “going out”. Stupidity was always one of my strengths. Fortunately it has all but left me as I have got older but I still have flashbacks now and again, I’m only human.

Looking back at his life, he achieved more in 50 years than some people will ever achieve. He travelled extensively with mum and they were away virtually every weekend during the summer months. Mum really misses the weekend jaunts. He was a keen historian, brought about by his love for metal detecting. He loved digging things up, you could see the anticipation on his face as he rummaged around a dirt filled hole on his knees in the middle of a field. Even better was the look when he found it was a ring pull from a drink can!

He found some great treasures of the deep while metal detecting, including several hammered silver coins and even a gold sovereign. All finds were meticulously cleaned and their history thoroughly researched. No detail was omitted.

I could write page after page about my dad but that’s not what I set out to do. I want people to realise that, in most cases, your parents will be the two best friends in the world you will ever have. No one else will look out for you more than they do. Don’t ignore this fact and don’t ever forget it. If you had a fight with your folks, don’t let it brew into a family feud, sort it out and do it today. Apologise, even if you think it was not your fault. It doesn’t matter who was wrong or right does it? Just take a deep breath, make friends and enjoy life, before you end up on the Jeremy Kyle show.

If your dad isn’t here today, take a few minutes to think about him and remember him with fondness in your heart. Here’s to your memories of a special man.


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