The Apprentice – Why I fired Them – Alan Sugar and rear seatbelts

The programme aired on Sunday night in the UK. Sir Alan Sugar, the world renowned multi-millionaire businessman responsible for Amstrad and the highly acclaimed TV show The Apprentice, was shown explaining exactly why he had fired the contestants. It seemed to boil down to the fact these people were supposedly the cream of the crop but instead appeared to be nothing more than rude, arrogant , backstabbing children with no common sense.

I am not really writing about the programme but the fact that he was shown in several scenes talking in the back seat of his Rolls Royce, apparently not wearing a seatbelt. I thought it was a requirement now to wear rear seatbelts. I am not familiar with the seatbelt arrangement in a Rolls, as unfortunately I do not have one but do they not come across the shoulder like front seatbelts?

Can anyone enlighten me as to the seatbelt arrangement in a Rolls Royce? If it is a legal requirement to wear the seatbelt, why was Sir Alan not wearing his?


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