Sputtr.com – A Better Way To Search The Net?

I came across this site today.


Sputtr offers one search box at the top of the page and a choice of many different search engines and social bookmarking sites. The search choices are presented as small icons below the search box.

The choices include all the Google searches, flickr, technorati, furl, snap, Yahoo, Live search, ask, del.ici.ous, Digg, Reddit, Stumbleupon, Furl, Blinklist, Youtube, Daily Motion, ifilm, Metacafe, deviantART, Myspace, last.fm, cnet, newsvine, slashdot, twitter, amazon, ebay, wikipedia, dictionary.com, answers, and imdb.com

Simply type in your search terms and press the corresponding icon to search the site of your choice. It’s a very simple but great idea, bringing many search choices together on one page. There are currently around 36 search choices but there is also an icon to suggest additional searchers.

I found this agreat resource and have made it my first call for web searching.


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