Wi-Fi health Scare – Childrens health at risk?

wifiWatch the Panorama show on the BBC Website

Did you watch Panorama on the Beeb. The latest show was all about the alleged dangers of wifi technology to our health, especially children. I for one was quite surprised at the results.

Apparently the radiation emitted from a wifi router is three times that of a mobile phone mast, at it’s strongest emission point. The largest concern was regarding possible health implications to your children. Almost all UK schools are rolling out wireless network access for use during lessons. Is it possible that they are literally being irradiated as they study?

Sir William Stewart, Chairman of the Health Protection Agency was responsible for advising the government about mobile phone masts. He advised that the signal from a mobile phone mast should not fall within the school grounds. Yet schools are now placing wifi routers within classrooms. These routers emit a far stronger signal than the mobile phone masts.

The show includes scientists quoting test results proving biological effects and also shows a group of people known as electro sensitives, they become ill due to exposure.

Maybe the panorama program is scaremongering and may well cause an unecessary slump in the sales of wireless internet routers but you know how much the media like to cause a panic, it’s good for ratings. The show is currently available to view on the BBC site by clicking the link at the top of this post.


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