UK Eurovision Disaster – Again!

The Eurovision song contest 2007 has passed and Marija ŠERIFOVIĆ from Serbia won with the song Molitva.

I sat and watched the eurovision song contest again! After swearing to avoid it, I fell under the spell and could not escape until all 24 countries had performed. Every time it’s on I promise myself that it will not be viewed in our house at any cost! But it never works.

Can anyone offer an explanation to why it drags you in and keeps you there like a spider caught in a web. I didn’t want to watch it! I really didn’t. The strange video clips between each countries entry were probably the strangest I have seen.

Two men wearing shorts, wellies and fur coats walking in the snow and ice decide to go for a dip in sub-zero waters. One takes the plunge while the other stands by and plays the accordion. After a little accordion action he too jumps into the water. What the hell! I thought we British were eccentric but Finland take the trophy. This aquatic behaviour seemed to surprise no one as if everybody does it. Maybe they do, in Finland.

Eurovision always produces songs, dances and outfits that you do not wish to see or hear everyday, actually I woud be happy to not have seen some at all. The United Kingdom entry from Scooch was just terrible and did not deserve the 19 points it achieved. Drivel, just drivel. Who the hell entered this lot in the first place? Are these people the best that the UK can offer as eurovision entrants, sadly it would seem so.Scooch UK eurovision 2007 entry
“Gothic” seemed a very popular look for the ladies with some eye catching outfits certainly raising a few eyebrows in households across europe I should imagine. Turkeys entry was given extra pzazz by a few belly dancers who apparently were all British. Can no one belly dance in Turkey?

The usual sarcasm soaked commentary from Wogan added to the mix of garish outfits, bad dancing, strange lyrics and over extravagance that is the Eurovision song contest. And yes, I probably will be watching again next time!.


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