Have I done something wrong – WordPress blog vanished

Hi I have 5 blogs on wordpress.com, sorry, I had 5 blogs on wordpress.com until tonight.

On going to login at wordpress.com I was greeted with the message your account has been suspended. Now as far as I am aware I have not done anything to breach terms and conditions of using wordpress.

I tried several times to login without success, checking cookies are enabled etc but still no joy. I then clicked on the “lost your password link at the bottom of the login screen and entered my email address. Sure enough I was emailed a link to request a new password and after clicking I received another email containing a new password.

I was able to login successfully with the new password but immediately noticed one of my blogs has gone completely from the control panel. The blog offered spyware prevention and removal advice. There is no sign of it anywhere. I do not think I have breached any terms and conditions so can anyone offer any explanations or has anyone experienced a similar situation.

I find it a little weird to say the least.

Apparently it was due to the fact I had placed an affiliate link on the blog. I did not realise this was against terms and conditions and have now removed it.


2 thoughts on “Have I done something wrong – WordPress blog vanished

  1. Hi Neolithic,

    I read through the wordpress.com’s Terms and Conditions but couldn’t seem to find anything about it’s a violation placing affiliate link. Sorry to ask do you mind telling where it is? 🙂


  2. Hi Jackie, I received a reply from wordpress support telling me that advertising is not allowed.I have removed it and my blog is back.
    Support clearly stated no ads, even though I could not see it in the t&cs

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