Overdoing it and tracking Santa

I think most of us still secretly enjoy the Christmas festivities, even though we may be reluctant to admit it. It is always good to sit together with your family and reflect on the years events and have a bit of fun. I personally cannot understand why people are driven to purchase food and alcohol in ridiculous quantities.

My wife works at a local supermarket and bears witness to the carnage that we call Christmas. Shelves are swept clean by greedy shoppers who seem to think the world is coming to an end. £350 worth of food balancing precariously in a wire trolley is a common sight as people get ready to binge for 3 days.

Much of the food will be simply wasted and thrown away without a second thought. It seems so arrogant to waste food when there are so many who have none. Setting aside the plight of populations who suffer drought and famine, there are many people in the UK alone who are sleeping rough on the streets and indeed have no food.

Maybe everyone who has excess food left over could donate it to a local homeless charity who could then distribute the supplies to the homeless people of the UK. This may already be in place but if not, someone should set about implementing a plan.

On a far lighter note you can now track Santa as he delivers christmas presents around the world. A very nice looking website titled “Norad tracks Santa 2006” allows you to follow Santa using satellites.

Track Santa

I wish everyone a very merry christmas and a happy and healthy new year for 2007!

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