Using Article Marketing To Promote Your Website

Are you an expert on a particular subject?

Do you have a website?

Would you like to increase visitor traffic to your website?

If you answered yes to these questions then article marketing may be for you.
Building links to your website is a very important factor in gaining not only
traffic but also a higher search engine placement. In today’s internet world
it is increasingly difficult to get good traffic to your site if any.

Consider the number of actual pages that are now available on the internet
(Billions) and you suddenly realise that maybe your site may never be seen by
anyone other than you and your friends.

This is not what you want to hear after spending many hours producing the perfect
site. You may have paid a great deal of cash out for your site but this alone
does not guarantee visitors. There are certain options available to generate
traffic and visitors to your site based around what is commonly named SEO or
search engine optimisation.

There are many factors involved in SEO, far too many to mention here. SEO costs
money and if working to a budget you may wish to look elsewhere.Quite by chance,
I discovered the world of article writing and more importantly, article directories.

Article writing is a very effective way to share your knowledge with the internet
community and also increase the volume of visitors to your own website. The
process is very simple and really only consists of two steps.

    • Write your article
    • Submit your article to the relevant category in many article directories

Writing Your Article

Choose a relevant title that will get the readers attention. Make sure you
place the keywords for your specialty in the title as this will help readers
find your article when searching for information.

Make sure your article includes relevant easy to understand information that
will be useful and helpful to your readers. Split your article into three parts
if possible.

The Introduction should draw the reader in and make them want to read the remainder
of your article. The body of the article is where you impart your useful knowledge
for the reader to both enjoy and absorb. And finally the conclusion should be
written so the readers remember your article.

Layout your article so it is easily readable. Use short paragraphs to make
sure readers do not lose interest. Attention span of internet users is very
short and confronted with a large block of text most people will not read it.

Don’t forget to include author information and a web address for your site.
This is the crucial part of the article marketing process.

Submitting Your Article To Article Directories

Once you have created your literary masterpiece, it needs to be seen. This
can be easily achieved via submission to article directories. There are many
such article directories available. A simple search using Google will find a
list of directories waiting for your article submissions. Most directories will
ask that you register with them at no charge.

Author: Carlton Davies

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