How do I get the stupid people that work for Pipex Internet to understand

If you have read my previous posts regarding Pipex Broadband you will be aware of the complete and utter incompetence of the company and staff. After withdrawing money from my bank account to which they had no entitlement, I had to fight to make them realise I was no longer a customer of Pipex.

You see, I left Pipex in July 2006 and moved to another internet company. Pipex provided me with the relevant MAC or migrate away code and the transition went very smoothly. I have now been with my new internet provider (bethere) for five months and am very happy indeed with the level of service received.

Less can be said with regard to Pipex. They are a bunch of complete incompetent, disorganised fools who obviously have no structure in place to allow one department to communicate with the others. Customer services are a complete waste of time with emails going unanswered and phone calls being automatically put on hold before being automatically disconnected.

It took a couiple of months or more before I finally sorted out the problem of being charged for a service I no longer subscribe to. I even received a final refund of £10.94 from Pipex which was paid very ungraciously into my bank account without even an explanatory email or letter of apology for the misunderstanding.

I thought I had seen the last of Pipex broadband and the band of fools that muddle from day to day for them claiming money to which they are not entitled. Feelings of joy swept over me as I finally felt free from the harassment encountered from them.

And then, yesterday, a letter arrived from Pipex and it read as follows:


Dear Sir/Madam

We have recently received a credit card chargeback claim on your account for £33.99 for a card payment taken on 17/09/06.

Please be aware that the above amount has now been placed back onto your account as an outstanding balance which will remain outstanding until the payment is received.

To help us process your claim in a fast & efficient way please contact us between the hours of 9am to 5pm from Monday to Friday on 01782 605475. Our address is Pipex Internet Ltd, PO Box 273, Welwyn Garden City, Herts, AL7 1YA. Failure to contact us may result in restriction of your service.

Yours Sincerely

Credit Control Administration

Pipex Internet Ltd

There is not even a damned name on the letter! Not even a printed signature. Just a nasty letter which is obviously trying to imply that you will be in trouble if you do not pay up.

I do not have a Pipex Internet account.

I have not had one since July 7th 2006.

Why do these people keep harassing me?

Why are these people so stupid and incompetent ?

Can anyone suggest a surefire way to reach someone within the Pipex organisation (ha) who can resolve this farce.

I have tried countless times to email and telephone them without success. I have sent letters by recorded delivery to which I receive no answer.

What am I supposed to do?

Please can anyone help me!


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