Things you never see – white dog muck

My wife wants to know why you never see white dog muck. I can remember years ago, it was everywhere you turned but now seems absent from our parks and pavements.

The absence of dog muck to stand in is always a good thing but what changed to confine the white stuff to history? Have the dog food manufacturers phased out an ingredient that provided the colour.

An unusual topic but she has a point. Anyone?


One thought on “Things you never see – white dog muck

  1. I think this was as a result of dogs that ate nearly all carbohydrates and no protein. The white colouration was also probably due to the type of inexpensive dog biscuits that they ate. The present expensive tins of dog meat were not available in those days. The beauty of this type of white dog muck was that it was totally innocuous, whereas today’s dog muck can be very messy and smelly particularly when it gets heated by your car heater warming it up on the foot controls of your car.

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