Pipex Broadband Farewell!

At last it seems my experience with Pipex broadband is over! It has taken since July to resolve the situation which is ridiculous for such a large company. I have to say the experience has left me very wary of moving broadband providers again in the future.

I received my final refund a few weeks ago but expected Pipex to try and claim money from my account yet again. They have not attempted to take any payments from my account, which is great.

They have not once written, telephoned or emailed to actually confirm they have closed my account.

They have also not in anyway attempted to apologise for the horrendous lack of customer service provided to myself, and many others.

If you are looking for a broadband provider, avoid Pipex Broadband at all costs. Believe me the “Hoff” will soon turn into a “Huff” with Pipex and its terrible customer services and accounts departments.

My current broadband provider is bethere.co.uk who provide up to 24mb broadband for £25 a month. The service so far has been both fast and excellent quality. Recommended


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