A refund from Pipex!

Has appeared in my bank account. It looks like it may be the difference they owe me from when I left them way back in July! It’s only taken over 3 months for them to sort it out. I have not received any notification from the Pipex people at all to explain this cash refund.

I hope this may be the final chapter in a very ridiculous situation of a large company not being able to keep it’s affairs in order. I have now been with my new broadband provider (bethere) for 3 months and I am extremely pleased and satisfied with both the internet connection and speed (up to 24Mb)

They have very little downtime and that has only been for essential maintenance work. They always provide you with notification of impending downtime and the reason it is necessary. I have no hesitation recommending anyone to try them. If you have any trouble with this company, I would be very surprised and you will be in a very small minority.

Pricing is good as well with costs running at £28 monthly for me. That is with a static ip address and 24Mb broasdband. You do not get email with them unless you pay a little extra.

Anyway I have my £10.94 from Pipex and hope I never hear from them again.


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