Google in talks to buy Youtube

google11.gifIt seems is set to tighten it’s grip on monopolising all that is popular on the Internet. They are apparently in talks with Youtube in a deal that could be worth $1.6 billion. Now don’t you wish you had set-up Youtube!

Unless you have been living in a cave, you will know the popularity and impact that video is having on the Internet at the moment. With all manner of idiots filming with equipment varying from cheap webcams to expensive TV quality cameras. To be honest, I personally love to sit and have a quick browse through Youtubes latest offerings.

It remains to be seen if Youtube will retain its crown or will it be merged with google video and become another head on the monster that is Google. There are few areas of the web that Google is not involved with in some way and I am sure they will be waving the cheque book when the next big thing appears.

And the man said “Google is good”

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