Tragic motorbike accident on Cat & Fiddle Death Road

I took my wife shopping in Buxton last Sunday. We spent a very pleasant afternoon walking round the shops, chatting, had a bite to eat and enjoyed ourselves.

The drive home was saddened by yet another bike accident on the Cat and Fiddle road. Near to the junction with Ankers Lane it seems two bikers had a head on collision. One rider who apparently was only a teenager and from Warrington was pronounced dead at the scene. The other rider had his son riding pillion. They did not suffer serious injury. My heartfelt sympathy goes out to the young mans family and friends.

The road is actually the A537 and twists and winds its way from Macclesfield over the moors passing the Cat and Fiddle pub (second highest pub in England) , before finally descending into the Derbyshire Spa town of Buxton. The Cat and Fiddle road is, it seems, no less popular than it has always been to the biking fraternity. I only live a few hundred yards from where the Buxton road starts and have seen bikers flying up and down for 30 years or more now. How many have died or been injured I do not know but it is too many.

Police efforts to curb the speeding bikers seems to fail constantly and every weekend you can hear the bikes going hell for leather up and down the road. I don’t have a bike but I do like speed and the thrill of driving a fast car is exhilarating and gets the adrenaline going. I can see the attraction of the road with its twists and turns and drive along it myself regularly.

It seems that bikers will not be stopped from using the road as a speed track and travel from far and wide to do so. Some of these guys need to slow down a little before they kill someone. Their life is their own but I do not want to be met with a bike banked over at 70-80 mph heading for my windscreen. I think that the road should closed for one weekend in the year to allow bikers to use it for time trials etc. If they can do it in the Isle of Man for the TT, then why not the Cat & Fiddle road.

I’m sure bikers reading this will disagree but that’s what makes life interesting isn’t it?


4 thoughts on “Tragic motorbike accident on Cat & Fiddle Death Road

  1. yeah i am a biker & use the road & i love the road close for a week end & let bikers use it & i will pay for the use of it lets get it done & charge for the week end use one way only tho

  2. Not a bad idea, one way road clossure only. However which way? I enjoy the ride down and up! I have seen accidents and have even been there to help a fallen rider up after he lost the front wheel and smashed in to a jag. As I directed traffic in my leather I heard nothing but bitching from cagers. There are riders out there that take the p*ss don’t tar every rider with the same brush please, all cages speed at one point or another. So stop making out like you don’t!
    Regards road closure for one weekend a year it’s a great idea however i feel one weekend a year isn’t near enough what is needed, as there are far to many riders that would wish to enjoy that part of the “cat”. But the sooner people (riders & cagers) come to the understnading that the speed limit is there for a reason along with the double white lines the better. That road brings the worst out in people, pushing the limits etc, learn the road before you push it. That is what i did for 4 weekends up down and up down again and again until i knew the road backwards.

    Best of luck for anybody that ride’s and drives thjat road.

  3. my husband andy binding got killed on the same road just passed the cat and fiddle on sat aug 30th he was 47 he was on his way home to me we was very happy ive been devastated by his death it dont feel real he lovrd his bike afireblade ill never forget him broken hearted wife wendy

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