Landisk Network Hard Drive Enclosure

landiskMaplin electronics have got another hard drive related item in the sale (For how long, I do not know). If you are like me, you will have masses of files stored on your pc or maybe a external hard drive. This is ok if only you need access to the files and you don’t want to share them with the rest of your household.

This external hard drive enclosure from Landisk is the answer if you wish to centralise your file storage and allow shared access to your files. If you have children they could share music and films using this item. You have to fit your own hard drive into this enclosure which is a relatively simple task to perform, usually involving no more than a few small screws and a couple of cables. The beauty of fitting your own hard drive into the enclosure is the choice of hard drive capacity is yours and it will probably workout cheaper than buying a ready assembled external hard drive unit.

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Connect the enclosure to your router/hub and anyone in your household or office who is connected to the network will be able to access the drive. You will be able to configure the drive for shared access or restrict folders if you wish.

All in all this enclosure looks like a very useful addition to the digital home.

You can see the hard drive enclosure on Maplins website


24 thoughts on “Landisk Network Hard Drive Enclosure

  1. It’s all web admin. It’s very basic, and not the most security consious thing in the world – but, hey , it’s for home not a corporate network right?! 🙂

  2. Oh, I should say, it works fine. The disk is formatted by the system to a FAT32 partition. The biigest file you can store on Fat32 is 4GB, so you can’t store fullsize DVD ISO images.

  3. Hey Tom

    Thanks for a useful posting. I was thinking of buying one of these, but I would want to use both the USB connection AND the ethernet connection at the same time on it.. ..and I can’t find out, anywhere on the net, whether this would work! Any ideas?

  4. According to the manual, USB and LAN connections cannot be used at the same time. The USB connection has priority over the LAN, so if you want to use the LAN connection you have to disconnect the USB connection fist and reboot the device.

  5. I might have found you a manual of sorts 🙂

    I was reading on an Australian forum that the same device is marketed as a ‘HD9-U2LA’ – here is the thread:

    I’ve looked at the downloadable manual for this and altohugh the external case design is different, the details on the configuration and management menus look the same as my paper manual – except that the downloadable one shows an older firmware version (25 instead of 32). Go to this page and download the manual for the HD9-U2LA

    not perfect but better than nothing…

  6. You’re welcome Tom. I set mine up for the first time last night – each SMB folder you create in the root directory of the drive can be optionally protected with one login/password or just left as a public directory. That’s it – end of story – but it would at least let you give an exlusive directory to each family member, for example.

    Haven’t played with the FTP server yet but it looks useful.

  7. A quick clairification – I meant that each root directory may have it’s own login/password – not one login/password for all the directories! Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I have also had a Netgear SC101 file server for a couple of years and that only lets you set a login/password for the whole drive, so the LANdisk is much more flexible in that way.

  8. Have just bought one of these to use with a 160GB maxtor. What should the jumper settings be? – mine is set to CS enabled and does not seem to be recognised

  9. The maplin update takes you to Firmware Version NAS-BASIC45, LOADER 67, so if you already have that there is no need to upload new firmware. There is a version 46 on that site Jim, but personally I wouldn’t risk it – there are a lot of variants of this network drive enclosure around, not sure that the firmware is universally appropriate.

  10. I’ve got one of these and everything looks fine, I can access it via USB and ftp and it’s getting the I/P from my router ok. I can also do the admin stuff via the web interface. My only problem is that when I try to map it to a network drive it asks me for a user id and password and whatever I try it just keeps on asking me and I can’t get to the point where I can see the public folder. I’ve also loaded the latest fireware but that made no difference. I’ve tried on XP sp2 and Windows 2000. Can anyone help please.

  11. Been using one of these for a couple of weeks now with an old 40Gb drive installed and by and large it works well with 15 users connected, initially just sharing a couple of Gigabytes of non-critical files.

    The only problem I am having is the drive periodically locks up and will not respond at all even when I try to log in using http:\storage in the normal way. It’s as though it’s simply not there at all.

    When this happens I simply power off at the switch, count slowly to three and then switch back on. After five or so seconds it’s fine again.

    Once it’s reliable I want to move a 30Mb Access 2003 database over to it but I daren’t do this until this problem is resolved as everyone uses the database all day every day.

    I’m running NAS-BASIC47-B1, LOADER 69

    Any suggestions?

  12. Hi,

    just want to say that the version NAS-BASIC49B1, LOADER 70 is the latest version for the landisk. There’s also a way to change the layout with a much nicer interface, it’s called ViperNAS.


  13. Help, I bought a landisk enclosure for ide drive, set it up, changed ip, switched of dhcp connected to bt home hub, logged on, shred folder public , cannot see it in windows xp
    would appreciat some step step help

  14. I have been using 2 of these from a Windows XP PC for a while and like them very much. However I now have a Ubuntu PC on my network and can see the drives ok but cant see any folders in them.
    Anybody know how I can overcome this problem?

  15. Anyone figure out a fix for the endless repetitive asking for passwords?
    Even if I give the ones I set up, it just keeps popping up again. How about going in and telling it to &^%$ the passwords? I have a 500 GB Coolmax CN-590 connectied by the RJ45 right to my router. I have had to do DOS promts just to get the damn thing to release the IP addresses on my other computers. So, basically I have a 500GB box on my network whose space I can’t use plus it sometimes prevent me from using the internet on all my network pc’s. At the moment I am thinking paper and pencil are better then pc’s. Talk me down someone please or better yet, tell me what I am missing here.

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