The Pipex Story Continues….

As you will know from earlier posts, I have a dispute situation with my old broadband provider Pipex. Basically, I cancelled and migrated away to another isp. Pipex obviously find it very difficult to let customers go due to the fact they have continued to charge me for internet they no longer provide.

I have emailed Pipex several times and have received maybe two replies to 10 emails after a period of weeks. The replies were completely unhelpful and pointless. I have tried on several occasions to speak to a person via the telephone numbers given by Pipex. The usual result has been disconnection due to extremely high call volumes. I even sent a letter via recorded delivery stating all the relevant dates and facts etc, but still I have had no resolution to this problem or any contact from Pipex.

The company has withdrawn monthly payments from my bank account for a service it no longer provides. I have not been able to stop the withdrawals from my bank because the payment is not taken via direct debit. It is called continuous authorisation I think. The company has your debit card details and can help themselves to money from your bank account whenever they please.

After a couple of months of being ignored I took the decision to close my bank account and open a new one thus denying Pipex any money. A very helpful assistant at the bank explained to me that I could contact something called the disputes resolution team regarding the money taken from my bank account. All I had to do was write a letter explaining the situation and the amounts involved. The letter was written at the bank and I left it with the assistant.

I was very surprised to see the unauthorised withdrawals refunded into my bank account only days later. The bank has actually refunded the money and stopped any future withdrawals by Pipex. I know the latter is in place because Pipex did indeed take £33.99 from my account on 20th September and the bank gave it back to me on the 21st September.

A refund amount is still outstanding and has not been returned as yet. The bank has returned my money not Pipex. Pipex seem to think they have me as a customer even after the dreadful ignorance they have shown towards me. I have reported the company to Ofcom and have also written to TV show BBC Watchdog and several newspapers and magazines with this story. As yet I have heard nothing from any of them.

How many more people are in a similar or identical situation with Pipex and receiving the same arrogant and ignorant treatment. To be treated in this manner by a large national company is not only outrageous but extremely incompetent and unprofessional.

If you read this and you are in the same situation please contact me and maybe we can pursue the matter together as a group.


3 thoughts on “The Pipex Story Continues….

  1. I’m in a somewhat similar situation.

    I’ve been a Pipex customer for the best part of 4 years. During this time I was living with my parents. I have since bought a house of my own and decided I’d take advantage of the Pipex MAX plus Anytime Calls package.

    This package according to the Pipex website gives me:

    – upto 8mb broadband
    – free local and national calls 24/7*365 days a year

    So I went ahead and signed up, taking into account the good service I’d received from Pipex over the years, despite several advising me to go elsewhere as Pipex had gone down hill, I chose to ignore I trust my past experience with the company.

    Anyway, I signed up for the package, plain and simple. No extra software or hardware – I didn’t need it, I had it all anyway. We went ‘live’ on the 21/09/06. At first I had a truly awful connection. Randomly dropping in and out, slow connection, slow download speed. After running some tests, the best I was getting from this ‘upto 8mb’ connection was 1mb – AT BEST! More often then not, it was below this.

    After a bit of research, I discovered that for a period of 10days after connection to ADSL MAX your connection is ‘training’ and thus these speed fluctuations and disconnections are normal. I had also e-mailed Pipex about this and they confirmed the same.

    So I plodded along. I’m now halfway through my ‘training’ period and STILL the best I am geting is a poor

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