Latest Adsense earnings update & other ideas

Well, I have not paid enough attention to Google adsense for a while now and as expected the earnings have not moved really. At last update I think I was under $10. It is now a fantastic $24 and a bit! (you can tell sarcasm when you see it)

I have been reading the free ebooks and newsletters and have learned some interesting facts regarding adsense placement and website content, especially regarding other ways to earn money from the internet. I am thinking of having a bash at the all important list building that seems to be the dominant factor in making money on the internet. All the emails and ebooks I have read in the last few weeks all stress the importance of building a list of opt-in names and email addresses. Once you have this list compiled you can then email all your promotions and website updates etc to your list.

You are not guilty of spamming because they all opted-in to your list and hopefully you will convert some of these emails into sales. You can promote affiliate links or even better create your own product or ebook. Creating your own product is probably the best way to go as you keep the profits for yourself. You also have the option to let people sell it for you through affiliation. More money for you for less work! My kind of work!

The main factor against me and probably most of you is time. Actually having enough time to put your ideas down and convert them into a sellable product can take days and weeks if you want to produce anything of quality . Keep focus and persevere and who knows we may all be a success.

Make sure you do not neglect your everyday home life for the sake of adsense or creating your product. I have been guilty of spending too many hours locked in the backroom trying to come up with a masterplan. Turn the pc off and go and talk to to your wife, kids or girlfriend. Go to the pub for a drink or just go for a walk. Just don’t cabbage your brain sitting in front of your pc for a lifetime. A bonus from getting this fresh air and exercise.

You might have a eureka moment while out walking. Just keep quiet about it if you do, at least until you get home!


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