The Pipex Broadband Saga continues

Hopefully you will have read some of my earlier posts regarding Pipex broadband. If not here is a very condensed version of events. I migrated away from pipex and they keep taking my money for nothing and it seems do not wish to give it back.

Today is September 5th 2006 and Pipex are still being useless. I have tried to ring them again today and was disconnected due to extremely high call volumes and told to try again later. I am sick of trying with this company! They seem to be completely unable to resolve any customer issues. Maybe if they had spent the cash on customer services instead of giving it to David Hasselhoff for a very poor performance in a very second rate advert, I would have my money back.

I have again written to the offices of Pipex and will just have to wait and see if anything is actioned. It seems I am powerless to stop this companies arrogance and ignorance with regard to customer service from prevailing. They take money from my bank account when they have no right to do so. They keep assuring me that my situation has been forwarded to the correct department and still nothing happens.

Please! please! Think twice before joining Pipex as a broadband customer. In fact just avoid them altogether if possible, there are plenty of alternative broadband and telecoms providers out there.


David Hasselhoff

screw the customers give me the money instead


2 thoughts on “The Pipex Broadband Saga continues

  1. I think I have rersolved my case now as I went tothe bank and wrote a letter to the dispute resolution team. If Pipex charge anything against my account, the bank take it back from them immediately.
    I think they may be getting the message now.

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