Just Have to say

How much I enjoy the CSI programmes on TV.The current series of CSI Miami is great and very watchable. How accurate the technology and techniques are is questionable but hey, it’s TV!

If you have never watched any of the CSI shows there are three varieties available. The shows are CSI which is supposed to be in Las Vegas, CSI New York and CSI Miami. I don’t think they are all showing at the moment but CSI Miami is definitely running, on a Tuesday. I did a quick guide check and this is what you get on Channel 5 on a Tuesday evening.


A good evenings CSI viewing here! The first two are fiction and the 11pm show is real life. If you have never watched the shows why not give them a go, you may be surprised.

My wife and I both enjoy the CSI shows and recommend the shows to anyone as a good crime drama show.

We have also watched another show which I think is called real CSI. I cannot remember which night it is shown but if you prefer real life crimes then that show is for you. It is definitely not as glamorous as the fictional shows portray but real life rarely is.


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