Pipex Broadband Internet Update

For anyone who has read the other posts regarding Pipex Internet who cannot manage to close an account properly, here is an update.

For anyone who has not read the other posts, a quick heads up. I migrated to Bethere 24mb broadband internet on 03.07.06. I was assured by Pipex that my account would be closed and any overpayment would be refunded to me at the month end. I waited and this refund did not materialise. I have since then had two monthly payments of £33.99 taken from my bank account for a broadband service I have not received since 03.07.06.

I have contacted Pipex via email after repeatedly failing to be connected via telephone. The time taken to reply to these emails was far too long and absolutely inadequate and unprofessional. I was eventually assured that my problem had been passed on to the provisions department for resolving. Two weeks after being informed of this move I have in the last few days received a new email from the provisions department with an apology for the delay in replying to me. Again, I have been assured that my problem will be resolved and any money owing to me will be refunded.

No details of the amount of the refund were contained within this email and no money has been transferred into my account by Pipex. Why anyone would send another email without actually having resolved the problem first makes no sense to me. I still have no refund and a couple of half hearted apologies doesn’t cut it.

I’m annoyed about this, can you tell?

I will never buy or subscribe to a product or service provided by Pipex again as long as I draw breath and I would advise against you doing so. The service provided when I was a customer was actually very good and they never let me down, until I wanted to leave. Then it became a ridiculous farce.

I will breathe a huge sigh of relief when I get my refund and wish to put Pipex behind me. There is only one problem with this desire. I have just discovered that the company who provide telephone calls to my house have been bought out by , yes, you guessed it Pipex!

I wonder how long it is going to take me to leave them this time!


3 thoughts on “Pipex Broadband Internet Update

  1. I think its worse than that. I was paying £24.99 for a service they were selling for £14.99. They have me as a long time customer and NEVER change the package you pay for even when THE SAME package becomes cheaper that is until you ask them to! To make matters worse they BLOCK the pipex.co.uk URL and redirect you to the business URL which sells more expensive broadband so you cant tell from web browsing they have a cheaper package on offer! Only way to find out is to phone them but beware this can take F****** hours. Jim.

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