This has to be Norton Antivirus at work

The wrath of god may be unleashed on Security firm Symantec after one of their products incorrectly identified files in a program used by vicars to plan church services. The product identified files as a keylogger and advised users to remove them. The Visual Liturgy software was apparently useless after the files had been deleted.

Church members and the software company, Church House Publishing are furious with Symantec over the mistake.The Symantec product identified a file called vlutils.dll as being part of a keylogging program called SniperSpy. Church House have criticised symantec for taking too long to fix the mistake.

Working in the IT industry and seeing many virus infected computers, I have to say an awful lot of them have Norton Antivirus installed but still manage to get badly infected. Sometimes Norton will find and identify the virus files and offers to remove them for you. After you accept the offer it fails to rid you of the virus.

Myself and other work colleagues always advise people to try an alternative product if possible.

The full story is on the BBC News site here 


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