Pipex internet really are a crap company

I left pipex on 3rd July 2006 having migrated to bethere 24mb service. Pipex promised me a refund of any money owing to me. Up to now not only have I not received my refund but they have also taken 2 months payment from my account for a service they no longer provide to me. I am getting really pissed off now. I have contacted customer services several times and they have not done a damn thing to resolve the problem.

I have today sent the details to Watchdog to see if they can help. I will post again when I know more.

I want my money back


One thought on “Pipex internet really are a crap company

  1. I wish you luck because there are far too many scams and rip off companies on the internet hiding behind a facade of professional conduct. Take my sister for example, she recently signed up to TalkTalk Broadband, which is run by the upstanding and highly visible chain known as Carphone Warehouse. I installed the package for her and was amazed to find the software is packed full of Ad ware! The browser is repeatedly hijacked and sent to commercial pages. I have tried numerous times to rid her machine of this scourge, using every ‘trick in the book’ but I cannot get rid of the adware.

    She has received numerous phone bills with numbers she knows nothing about and for a package that was supposed to be about £25 per month ‘all in’, she is being billed up to £45 per month extra. She cannot get through to anyone at TalkTalk who has (1) any authority, (2) any brain cells and (3) any manners! She has threatened to cancel her contract which she was warned will incur a £100 cancellation fee and to add insult to injury they have recently billed her twice within the space of ten days for £90 and with no explanation as to why!

    Oh and the 8MB bandwith they brag about – forget it, it doesn’t connect at any where near that speed. My advice to anyone thinking of moving to TalkTalks free 8MB Broadband service is DON’T DO IT. It’s far from free, it’s full of adware and god knows what else and it is not a 8Mb service. TalkTalk are CrapCrap.

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