More Words from a suddenly unemployed Tall Fool

21st August 2006

Well, the day didn’t exactly finish as I had anticipated. Driving to work at 8.55am little did I know that the journey home would be a difficult one.  Nobody likes Monday mornings  apart from, well, me.

I was actually okay with going to work today as I have to admit, I enjoy what I do for a job. I have a sort of obsession with computers and the internet. Getting the chance to play with computers all day is sort of cool really, even removing spyware and viruses for the public is interesting and provides a challenge. The day was going ok but I could feel something was not right. You know what I mean don’t you. Just something in the air wasn’t right.

Anyway the day continued without incident and was nearly over when things went distinctly pear shaped. To cut a long story down to a more manageable mouthful, I lost my job.

Not the best end to a day that started out okay. A few years ago I would have flipped out and lost it, but with age comes, hopefully, a little wisdom. Tantrums and screaming will not achieve anything. However much fun you have, it won’t last long. Spontaneous actions will always come back to haunt you, I know.

I have more control over my actions now and hasty decisions are not made in anger or upset.
After watching my father suffer and eventually lose his fight to cancer, nothing really compares to being alive, healthy and reasonably happy. The small things in life that are sent to test you are trivial distractions when compared to the enormity of a terminal illness such as cancer. So, I will hold my head up high and get on with it because I am still able to.

To the people who think that the world is ended when they lose a job or promotion, please remember that you can get another job and carry on.

For too many in this world that, unfortunately is not an option they have.

Here’s to tomorrow and what it may bring.


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