3.5 ” Hard Drive Media Player supports Divx , Vcd, Etc, outputs to your TV

This looks like it might be fun. Fit a 3.5 inch hard drive into the enclosure, load up your films, music, photos or whatever. Connect the enclosure to your TV and away you go. Sounds like a good proposition to me. The only other product similar to this I have seen advertised is made by ATMT and connects via scart lead.

According to the description given, you can plug digital camera memory cards into the enclosure due to it having a built in card reader. The enclosure is slim and is switchable via a cool blue switch. Will accept up to 400gb 3.5″ IDE hard drives and supports various video formats including VCD, (VOB)DVD, MPEG1/2/4, DIVX3.X, DIVX4.X, DIVX5.X

MP3 is also supported and photgraphs are supported in JPEG format. A remote control is included in the package so you can stay parked while enjoying your media files. It can be used as a conventional external hard drive if desired but why waste the functionality and novelty value of this item by not using it. Media outputs include AV / VGA / S-video / optical. NTSC and PAL are supported output formats.

Media is loaded onto the drive via a USB connection. I cannot confirm if it is USB2.0 as the specifications did not include the information. I should imagine it will be USB 2.0 though.

The enclosure will support FAT32 and NTFS file formats. If you fancy one of these enclosures they are available at Maplins stores or Maplins website.

They are on special offer at the moment, priced at a very reasonable £39.99 .If you are constantly converting your downloaded movies into DVD, get this and save loads of time and DVD Discs.


One thought on “3.5 ” Hard Drive Media Player supports Divx , Vcd, Etc, outputs to your TV

  1. i had one about a year ago an have never looked back ive prob saved a thousand hours from not having to convert an burn not to mention it will pay for itself from not having to buy dvds

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