My Ford Capri 1600


This car was the one to have. Well it was in the late eighties when I was still a teenager and couldn’t afford anything better. It was black, which is obvious really, with a red interior consisting of half vinyl (classy) and half cloth (even more classy). The alloys were on when I bought it so I don’t know if they were original Ford alloys or not. Anyone?

It was fun to own and I enjoyed driving it very much while I had it. Not the quickest car admittedly but you could wind it up to a respectable speed if you tried and had a lot of open road ahead of you. I seem to recall it costing approximately £700 which was a fortune for me but not for the bank that loaned me the money. Nice people at the bank, they will give you money even if you can’t actually afford to borrow it.

I had a few near misses in this car but it survived and more importantly so did I. I eventually had to part company with it after about a year and didn’t actually own another car for nearly 10 years!

Next one after that was a red BMW 316 and to be honest I have never looked back and am now on my fifth BMW which is a 535I Sport Auto. This one can and does shift when you need it to but uses petrol too quickly. Watching your fuel guage getting lower and lower is not fun with the fluctuating fuel prices at the moment.

Eventually I would like to work up to the BMW M Series which are an excellent car. That may take some time.


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