Google Adsense cockup – Damn it!

Google adsense logoI have clicked on one of my own google adsense adverts by mistake! I can’t believe I did it. A window closed as I was about to click on it and guess what was directly underneath? Yep! One of my Google adsense adverts just waiting to freak me out after I clicked it.

Damn, damn, bugar and shite! Talk about mad with myself. Some may say it doesn’t matter but I enjoy messing about with sites and adsense ads and I want to continue.
I have emailed google adsense with a full explanation and my ip address, time, advert etc. It remains to be seen if I will be able to carry on as I know they are very strict regarding clicks on your own ads. I will be disappointed if they kick me out as it was a pure accident.

Wish me luck! I need a drink.


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