The Infamous Cat and Fiddle Road to Buxton

Sunday 6th August – We had to go to Buxton to return a duff desk lamp. The lamp was from a shop called Tchibo which is a pretty good shop as shops go. The lamps they sell leave a little to be desired though. Anyway, as some of you may know the Cat and Fiddle road runs from Macclesfield in Cheshire over the moors to Buxton in Derbyshire. The road comprises of many twists and turns with some excellent straight sections which allow you to get a good speed up when driving or riding a motorbike.

The bikers love this road and travel from far and wide to try the Cat and Fiddle road on their bikes. Unfortunately the road has claimed quite a few lives, a lot of them bikers.

We hadn’t travelled far out of town when we were greeted with the sight of yet another bike accident. Three bikes were at the roadside, one was badly damaged along with a section of dry stone wall. Two bikers were talking to police and the third biker was absent, presumably in the back of an ambulance going to A&E. It is a very sobering thing to witness the aftermath of a road accident and it bangs home the fact that it can be all over in a flash.

We carried on our journey and had gone about a mile when in my rear view mirror I spot bikes approaching at speed, high speed! Now if I had a bike, I am sure I would thrash it on this road as I grew up right next to it, but if I had just seen the accident scene surely I would slow down a bit. Even if just to think, “that could have been me”

Obviously bikers must think differently, these guys were shifting up through the gears and waiting for no one. First one and then all came past in a line, some even taking us wide on a bend. They definitely could not see round that bend and would have been in the shit if something came the other way. Maybe that’s what it’s all about, adrenalin, death or luck.

This road does something to guys on bikes, it seduces them into going faster and faster until for some it’s too fast.

And too late


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