Crafty Pensioner bounces cheque for heart operation

Saw a great story in the news today. A 77 year old pensioner from West London was told he needed a life saving heart operation. The waiting list for the operation was approximately nine months or if he went private at a cost of £6500 it could be performed almost immediately.

Roy Thayers used to be a painter and decorator but is now retired. Mr Thayers accepted the private option and handed over a cheque for the full £6500, the operation was a success. What the hospital did not realise until it was too late is that Mr Thayers had no money and the cheque bounced.

After threatening him with bailiffs and other legal action, Mr Thayers is now paying his debt off at £25 a month.

He will be 99 before it is paid in full.

Chances of him living to 99?

It is a very sad fact of life that people are allowed to die on waiting lists such as these. The hospital performed the operation immediately when thinking they had been paid. Why in a so called developed and prosperous country such as the UK are people dying on waiting lists?

While I’m sure some people would class his actions as criminal, I for one think this man saved his own life by using his iniative and think no less of him. If he had offered to pay for the operation at £25 a month would it have been accepted, probably not.


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