Big Red Fire Engine

What is it that makes men unable to grow up? I have been for a day out today to Ashbourne, Derbyshire. The trip was to support animal welfare by visiting the summer fair. Weather was good on arrival and after parking we made our way to the Fair. “We” consisted of my wife Nicole and my mother who is getting more eccentric by the day. The eccentricity seems to run in the family on mums side, they are all a bit batty.

Admission was £2 each.

The first thing I see when going into the fair is a big red fire engine! There is something about the fire engine that makes you go back to childhood. Most men will have had a toy fire engine at some stage of life, and some will still have several (Collectors) and why not. Indulge yourself.

My camera was out of its case and the first picture of the day was produced, quickly followed by another. I would love to drive a Fire engine through the rush hour traffic with lights flashing and sirens blazing. Cool! What a thought. The fire engine looked like this.

Big Red Fire Engine


Do women like firemen? They all go a bit weak kneed and starry eyed when firemen appear. Including my wife I should imagine. They should have teams of firewomen to make it fair.

There were lots of thing at the fair but I will have to post tomorrow as it is now approaching 1am and I need to sleep.


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