Watching The World From A Dirty Window

How many people have no view when they are at work? It is a strange statistic to request but I am curious. At present I have a reasonable view from the windows at work. The premises are ex-retail and so have a large glass frontage which provides some escape from the monotony of work. People stroll by chatting, some louder than needed. Cars and trucks pass by on the busy road in front of me. It gets a bit too warm in this weather but at the end of the day, it is not bad at all.

Next week my view will be gone. No more people and cars to view going about their business, but a solid wall made from beautiful grey breeze blocks. This sight awaits me next week as we prepare to move to new business premises. The move is necessary but a view is also pretty good to have. How much enjoyment can you derive from a wall of breeze blocks. Not much at all.

Knowing if it is going to drive me insane would be a definite advantage but I will just have to wait and see. I mean you can’t just stop going to work because there is no view, can you? If only.

I can escape outside for a drink two or three times a day so it should be fine. Summertime will be ok as lunch can be eaten out in the sun but winter, I don’t know. Hands up any of you who work in environments with no outside view. Does it drive you mad or is it soon forgotten.

Coal miners didn’t have much of a view did they? Are there actually any coal miners still working underground or did they all lose their jobs when Maggie was in office.  You never hear anything about coal mining today in the news but it must still exist.

Anyway I am going now to look at my view once more before it is too late.


One thought on “Watching The World From A Dirty Window

  1. Working in windowless places is a definite downer. I’m sure there’s some study out there that would indicate that people’s productivity improves when they have something to look at besides bare walls. But corporations only seem to look at the immediate bottom line, and almost never look at the long term impact of their business decisions.

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