Be careful if leaving Pipex broadband

I am angry! Very angry! I used to be a broadband customer with Pipex. The service was very good and there was never any downtime to speak of. Emails always worked fine and I had no real problems with them. Until I left them that is. I left them half way through a billing period so had to pay for a full month. I was promised that the difference would be refunded after I had departed and calculations had been made. As yet, I have received no refund of any kind and was still waiting until tonight when I checked my bank account.

Pipex in their wisdom have actually taken another months broadband payment from my account! They have helped themselves to £33.99 from my bank account and I am pissed about it. I have sent the angry email to customer services and await a reply hopefully containing an apology and refund confirmation. Now I am usually ok with things going a little wrong but this is a large company and they should not make mistakes like this. I am pleased that I have kept the confirmation email containing my migration code which I sent to them as proof. I will post the outcome of this situation, that someone actually did warn me could happen with Pipex, when I have it.

In the meantime, if you are migrating to another internet provider make sure you check your bank accounts and watch for unauthorised withdrawals. It just shows it isn’t necessarily always a Romanian card skimmimg gang that takes money from your account.

Damn! I’m angry!


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