I want a new Camera

The urge to buy something new has hit me again. I have been coping so well for a few months now, I thought I had it under control but it seems not. I have just visited a relative in the Lake District and took my trusty little Konica KD-400 digital camera with me. It is always good to record your trips away and days out with photographs. Months later when the trip has departed from your immediate thoughts, the photos are great to browse, refreshing your thoughts of the moment.

On this particular visit I took quite a few pictures of various places we visited and interesting things we encountered. On returning home I felt a little disappointed with the results. Some of the pictures lack true colour representation and look very little like the actual scene photographed. Others are out of focus which for an auto focusing camera is not really satisfactory. In all honesty, I am looking for reasons to justify buying a camera I don’t really need and cannot really afford. This is a field in which I truly can say I am an expert!

Over the years, I have bought so many items that are completely unnecessary and far too expensive to not be used, which is usually their destiny. Ask my wife about my spending habits and she will respond with a dirty look and a sigh of disapproval. The sort of sigh you can do without. Not to be deterred I have started to look at possible replacements for my outdated and in desperate need of upgrading digital camera. Panasonic make a very appealing range of Lumix digital cameras with a feature called Mega O.I.S (Optical Image Stabilizer). This appeals to me as I have difficulty holding steady when zooming in on subjects. The reviews I have read for the Panasonic digital cameras have been favourable so far and sample imges look better than my current camera results.

The camera I would most like to lay hands on at the moment is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX1, but unfortunately it looks a little out of my reach at the moment with a price tag of approximately £350. The camera is a 8.4 Megapixel camera and features the wonderful mega O.I.S feature for unsteady photo shooters like me. It looks like a suitable camera for me as it takes good pictures without needing to be a photographic expert.

Maybe I will manage to get one if the price comes down. The problem is that by the time that happens, I will want something different and newer. Why do I see things I want and cannot afford so much? Is everyone the same? My wife seems to think not and says it is just me being greedy and childish.

Maybe she’s right but on the other hand…….Jessops is not far away from my house.

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