It’s Just been too hot to Blog!

The weather has been fabulous! And the view has been even better! (begs forgiveness from wife here). The sun seems to turn everyone into an exhibitionist with little or no effort. Everywhere you look there are half naked ladies all getting a tan while the sun is here. There is also an abundance of males walking the streets in all manner of strange outfits, shorts, stupid looking hats, sandals complete with green socks pulled up to the knee, sheesh! At least people are covered up in the winter.
I live in the North West and I am surprised we have not been issued with a hosepipe ban yet as Southern towns and cities had them imposed months ago I seem to recall. Many people in the South may mistakenly think we have more water because we don’t bathe regularly “up North” or that maybe we have abstained from washing the “whippet” and the “flat cap” for a day or two. Well they could be right.

It makes such a difference to both mood and happiness levels when the sun is shining. I leave the house and drive to work with sunroof back and music playing. The wind blowing through what little hair I have makes me feel fresh somehow and optimistic. Oh so optimistic. The mood does change on arriving at work but that brings no surprises really. The days have been quite uncomfortable in the heat and stickiness but I am not going to complain. It is the summer weather we Brits all crave and moan about when it doesn’t materialise.

I walk into town at lunch time to get my Subway sandwich and orange juice, lovely and only 6 grams of fat. As I make my way into the bustling shopping street filled with people, I can hear the constant moaning about it being too hot and how they don’t like it, can’t stand it and will be glad when it rains or is winter. Are people ever satisfied? I feel uncomfortable and sticky but I want the sun to shine, it makes me feel better and I feel  just that little happier for it being here. I can sit in the garden after work and chillout with a freezing cold can of strongbow cider or two. Great!
So to the moaners I say, shut up and stay at home with your feet in a bucket of cold water. In fact why not put your head in it, just to cool down of course. Bring on the weekend and hopefully more sun for all to enjoy.


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