Google Adsense Update – Harder than I ever imagined

Google adsense logoWell, my Adsense balance has increased by an impressive 17 cents since the last update. I have had thousands of page impressions and only two clicks in total. A tremendous amount of page impressions have been created by visiting the sites myself as I mess about with them. I am still researching and experimenting with different ideas to try and increase both traffic and clicks.

I am a patient man and believe that good things come to those who wait. If not it will be a learning experience regarding search engines and listings etc. A friend of mine has just signed up for Yahoo ads to promote his site. It will be interesting to see what results he achieves with his keywords and set budget. If it pays for itself I may even try it. I have signed up for Google adwords but do not have enough cash or confidence in my keyword choices to go for it just yet. Maybe in time I will feel more adventurous.

The Google listings are still a mystery to me and seem to follow no pattern. First off, I ended up with something like 62 pages from one site showing as indexed. This quickly dropped down to approximately 20 and then a single page. On latest checking I have 38 pages indexed. For how long time will only tell. This site ( was submitted using Google sitemaps as recommended in most free adsense type ebooks. The site was one of the first Adsense sites I bought ready made and unfortunately it shows all too well. I paid for it though and decided to leave it where it is and see if I can get it indexed successfully.

I am now experimenting with content sites including writing articles myself instead of repeating the ones everyone uses and also using RSS feeds to generate content. At least the RSS content will update itself and save time and effort. It is, if nothing else, a challenge to see what results can be achieved with Google Adsense adverts and a website in time.

As the title suggests, making money with Adsense is harder than I ever imagined it would be but I am not one for quitting so watch this space.


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