Update on Be There 24mb Broadband

Be There LogoI have been a customer of Be there for about two weeks now. The connection has not dropped out on me yet, not while surfing or downloading. For reasons unknown the connected speed indicated by the router has dropped from 16.5 mb to 14 mb. This fact does not make a customer very happy, losing 2 mb after just a fortnight. The service seems to be ok in general but page loading times sometimes leave something to be desired.

Download speeds are still impressive and you are not waiting around for your files. The service from Be there costs £24 a month with £4 extra if you want a static ip address. This is still considerably cheaper than previous Pipex costs which were £33.99 a month for 2 mb.

Don’t forget they offer a referral scheme giving you the opportunity to claim a free month for every referral that concludes in a sign-up. The person joining also receives afree month which effectively covers the connection fee. Up to now I have had one free month and another one is imminent so things are looking ok.

I am still a satisfied customer at the moment and will post regular updates as to service standards.

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