Saturday Morning and everything is looking rosy

Saturday morning just has a special feel to it, don’t you think? I can’t explain it but I love the feeling of no work, time to myself and relaxation if desired. This morning it is beautiful, the sun is shining, the sky is clear and my mood is optimistic.Sunny Day

To everyone who has to work today, my sympathy goes out to you. My wife works in the retail industry and does not get many weekends of leisure working most Saturdays and Sunday mornings. It is a shame that our demands for consumer goods has driven the need for people to work at the weekends. I personally would not entertain the idea of working the weekend at all.

I can remember when Sunday meant no shops open at all and a very peaceful day for people to rest and do their own thing. What a pity that has gone forever now. It is sometimes convenient to dash out and buy items on a Sunday but if the shops were closed, we could manage until Monday I’m sure. The British public are unfortunately a nation of shoppers.

It seems it is a national pastime to shop in this country, especially on a Sunday, buying lots of things you don’t actually need for entertainment. I find it disturbing to be asked if we are going shopping on  a Sunday when all I want to do is stay at home, relax, sit in the garden, have a beer, anything but going shopping.

Today is going to be hot. By early afternoon the shelves of Tesco will be stripped bare of barbecue goods, the sausage counter will be left holding the last few packs of Veggie bangers and the beer aisle will look like a liquor store after the LA riots. We do love to go mad when the sun shines and why not.

After all it is Saturday and that means the weekend is here!


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