Branston Baked Beans -You have got to try them!

The wife bought some Branston Baked beans yesterday, mainly because they were half price, and I have to say they are fabulous!

Branston Beans

I know beans are not exactly high on the list of restaurant going food lovers but you cannot beat good old beans on toast for a quick meal. The nutritional value is not too bad either for something that takes about 5 minutes to prepare. Apparently some blokes cannot actually manage to make a simple meal such as beans on toast! I am quite surprised by this fact as it is just so simple a task. My source of information comes from female staff at a well known supermarket where I live.

Just the thought of two lots of double thickness toast covered with hot steaming beans has me drooling. If you love beans you need to try the Branston ones. The flavour is not too much but adds to your taste sensation. The sauce is quite thick and quite sweet. Much better than the watery crap you get in some brands. If you don’t like beans on toast you must be ill.

The Branston beans get 10 out of 10 from me. If I will see them again when the price goes back up is another matter as my wife does like a bargain!

As for any bloke who cannot make himself a simple meal like this, you need to get a grip and stop being a dozy plank.


One thought on “Branston Baked Beans -You have got to try them!

  1. I am with you on that. Even if it weren’t for my principles (the real reason for me switching to Branston) I think I would prefer them anyway.

    You can also get them cheaper in four packs.

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