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World Cup Final 2006 July 10, 2006

Posted by Ray in Thoughts, Ideas, Opinions.

Well, I’m glad I didn’t sit through it all. A disappointing end to an international football tournament don’t you agree? After all the media hype and the build up to the world cup it has left me feeling dare I say let down. The world cup brings together the best footballers from around the world to compete in what should be an exciting, stimulating, adrenalin filled competition.

Can you honestly recall that feeling over the last few weeks?

Unfortunately, the things I will remember are Zidane and his strange decision to headbutt Marco Materazzi, Beckham throwing up, Rooney getting his red card and England getting knocked out. The only thing not completely deserved is the last.

Maybe Pay per view tv should screen Ronaldo and Rooney settling their differences in the Ultimate Fighting Championship arena. They would get my £15 for sure.

For me, I’m glad it’s all over until next time when no doubt the British public will be whipped into a frenzy of normally unseen patriotism. Beer sales will sky rocket and sales of cheap plastic car flags and hats will take market street traders one step closer to that villa in Marbella



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