Be There 24Mb Broadband

My account was activated on Monday 3rd July. I migrated from Pipex ADSL to 24 Mb service with no complications at all. By the time I got home from work the migration had taken place and I was ready to go.

The free wireless router arrived on the morning of 3rd July at 7.30am. I had it delivered to mums address because I thought I would be at work when they tried to deliver it. As it turned out, I was actually still in bed. So it was still the right decision.

The router is a Speedtouch 780 which also has voip sockets on the back. Not sure I will use them but they are there. After connecting ethernet leads and configuring account settings, wireless encryption, etc, I was set. I logged into the router to see the connection speed was actually not the holy grail 24Mb I had wished for but instead my connection reported 16.5 Mb. Now believe me this is excellent! It costs me £24 a month for 16.5 Mb broadband from Bethere with uncapped downloading (reasonable use applies). Before I was paying £33.99 a month to Pipex for a 2 Mb service with uncapped downloading.

So for less money I get a faster service which makes me chuckle every time I download a file. In fact I now go big file hunting just to see how fast it comes down. A trial version of Halo for pc from the Microsoft site is quickest up to now. 131 Mb in just over a minute.

Up to now the connection has been consistent with no drop outs. The browsing and downloading speed have been excellent. The wireless router works flawlessley and is very easy to setup. The payment is taken quarterly from your bank account.

There is a referral scheme in place where if one of your referrals signs up, you receive a free month. Also if you refer 24 or more people they will give you free broadband for life. Not too sure about the free for life offer. If you are referred as you sign up, it will save you paying the connection fee which is how I joined. I get a free month and so does the guy who referred me. Sweet.

Currently I cannot find fault with the service but I am sure someone somewhere has had trouble and hates them. There will always be an unlucky customer with any service provider no matter who it is.

Personally, I will not hesitate to recommend them to all.

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