Adsense Account update

Well my Adsense balance is unfortunately still 0.07 cents! Update on the post from June 25th regarding the site that had been indexed in Google. The indexed count was 62 pages, which suddenly dropped to 20. It has now dropped again. To just one page!

I am very surprised that all the pages have been removed. If I search on Google, the results include pages that are far more crappy content than my site. I wil have to wait and see if the indexed pages increase again. I hope so as it is hard enough already to try and get traffic to a site. Various sellers on ebay are auctioning links on websites which are PR5 – PR7 (PageRank) in Googles index. I am tempted to bid on one of these auctions to test the results of the link. They claim the links can generate more traffic than you can shake a stick at. If you win the auction, you get a link on their website for one month. What worries me is the fact they do not list the website address in the auction, so how can I validate the authenticity of the PR7 claim?

Adsense revenue is a strange beast to master indeed! I have put up websites with ads in them which have a lot of the recommended seo tactics implemented. I have started blogging in the hope that, one, it might be interesting to someone and ,two, it might increase traffic to my sites. I have created sitemaps for the sites and submitted them to Google sitemaps which claims it will help index your site better. Up to now this has definitely not been the case at all. I will keep altering the content and see if it makes a difference.

When I signed up to Adsense I never stopped talking about it and how it was going to make me a bundle of cash. The guy that I work for has a basic website for the business. Screentech Business Services Ltd has 7 pages in total with minimal content on each. I suggested that I add Google adsense to the site. As it would cost him nothing, he agreed. Each page has a leaderboard ad at the bottom of the page and that’s it.

The site has had just over 600 page impressions in a few weeks and generated $5.88 up to now. Now I know this isn’t going to buy him a Ferrari but it just shows that you cannot predict which sites will produce ad clicks for you. He has no interest in the adverts at all but I am keeping my eye on them to see how they go.

Adsense may not make me rich but it has certainly stirred my curiousity and provides me with a project which helps to occupy my freetime. I will update the adsense balance again soon.

Ta da for now


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