Free Adsense ebooks – Are they worth your email address

How can I resist the offer to be rich, again. Adsense ebooks are everywhere and most claim to be free. So what’s the catch?

To download the books you have to give up your email address. This means you have opted in to a mailing list and will receive emails offering more items, which will most likely not be free. Currently some are sending as many as 3-4 a day along the lines of “buy this great product”, followed by “you really need to hurry as they are selling fast” and finished with “only 3 left at this amazing price”

The emails were expected. What surprised me is the frequency of them, my spam filter thought it was personal for the first few days!

Have you actually met anyone who really earns $10,000 a week on the net after working just 3 hours. I know I have yet to. Despite this fact I am still signing up and downloading free ebooks with the enthusiasm of a snail on a bunch of Begonias. I just can’t help it, I’m addicted! And I should imagine I’m not alone.

Are you an ebook junkie? Do snails eat Begonias?snail


One thought on “Free Adsense ebooks – Are they worth your email address

  1. I’ve downloaded a lot of those free ebooks on Adsense. And I’m amazed at the volume of email I get on a daily basis from some of the more aggressive marketers. They must have a whole staff of people sitting around creating “product.” Some of them have one good product and the rest is just the same stuff everyone else is selling, wrapped in a different package. If you read enough of the free ebooks you can learn a lot, even if you never buy anything.

    The key to making money with Adsense is a no-brainer. (1) A very focused site with Adsense ads that are totally relevant to the content and to the keywords people use to find the site. (2) Lots of good traffic (Lots meaning at least several thousand unique visitors a day). (3) A webmaster who is willing to test different ad formats until the best ones are found for that site layout.

    Items number 1 and number 3 are not that difficult. It’s item number 2 that we struggle with. No matter what, making more than a dollar or two a day is almost a full time job and it takes months to create the content, optimize the site, etc.

    The ones really making the money are the ones selling the $167 ebooks. And what’s with that? Have you noticed all the books are either $27, $47, $67, $97, $127, $197, etc? Whatever happened to three easy payments of $19.99. Oh wait, that was the Ginsu knife…

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